STEINLITE’S SL95 & SB900 Grain Moisture Tester


The SB900 moisture tester provides fast and accurate results on up to 500 different types of grains, seeds and nuts. It is factory programmed to determine moisture in common grains such as barley, corn, flax, milo, oats, rice, rye, soybeans, sunflower, and wheat.

It is the only moisture tester on the market capable of testing Almonds, Pecans, Cashews and several other varieties of nuts while still in the shell. It is used almost exclusively in the Almond Industry. 

The SB900 uses three different funnels for optimal results:

  1. The Regular Funnel – included with every purchase
  2. The Nut Funnel – refer to Calibration List to see which calibrations require this
  3. The Compressor Block and Funnel – refer to Calibration List to see which calibrations require this


The Steinlite SL95 Moisture Tester is NTEP Certified for commercial use. It is one of the most advanced, accurate, reliable, and user-friendly moisture testers on the market. Having been around for nearly 25 years it is still a leader in the industry. Capable of providing moisture, test weight, and temperature in approximately 8 seconds, it is still the fastest tester available anywhere.

The SL95 comes preloaded with over 100 calibrations. It has the ability to test anything from Corn and Almonds to Gel Caps. Contact us to discuss custom calibrations for the SL95. 

The SL95 can be connected to a PC running most ag-business based software via either of the 2 RS232 Serial Ports, as well as an external keyboard capable of controlling the SL95 remotely. 

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